Aetna Health Insurance Update

So this is what I have learned about Aetna. Linda Reedy, Network Account Manager, Supervisor said ” the Specialty must be recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. If patients have an out of network benefit, they can see you ( Dr Sullivan) at the out of network level which is subject to deductible and co-insurance, etc. Please have the member contact the number on  their ID card to verify what their benefits and out of pocket expenses will be . ”

Her number is 301 552-3402.

Let’s make this happen !!!

Dr Andrea Sullivan


It’s been a while

It’s been a while.  I have been using this time to continue to heal from personal adversity– specifically the end of a relationship and the loss of my best friend through her sudden death. I’m back and aware that it is these experiences that make me focus more on Spirit, through my daily spiritual exercises, seminars and readings, and remind me I am a part of  God; that my essence is a part of all that is; that even with all the darkness  and illusion that piles on top of me,  my  essence , my the true self–  my soul  is an extension of God and connects me to each one of you. As such, as I said  in ” A Path To Healing…” we are entiteld to have joy and have it more abundantly.  Joy is the presence of the Spirit. It is our birthright. We are to know love for ourselves and others that is bigger than fear and anger and hatred and worry and sadness. We are here to love, and know that God (however you know God , by whatever name you call Him/ Her ) loves us. Breathe in and allow the Grace to fill you…

Dr Andrea D Sullivan

Are You A Superwoman ?

My next book is about the health consequences of being a Superwoman, a status given to Sojourner Truth. In sociology we are aware the Sojourner Syndrome produces  health consequences of higher mortality and morbidity rates: specifically, higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, depression and cancer, than our Caucasian or Latina counterparts.

Like Sojourner Truth we have been the strength of the community and have continued to survive despite physical, emotional , and sexual abuse, racism and discrimination . Our resilience and perseverance has a price, however. While we have risen above the negative depictions of “Mammy “and “Aunt Jemima”, which were characterizations to keep us appearing inept, ignorant, and devoted to the white families, the positive attributes of determination, and strength of Superwoman are killing us.

African American women particularly have been thrust into this role due to the numbers of women who are single parents,  the absence of African American men, or sometimes just because it is a role we are accustomed to fulfilling. We  are the economic, spiritual, emotional, political, and cultural support for our children, our children’s children, our sister or brother’s children and our husband’s/boyfriend’s children, we didn’t know they had before marriage !

As one patient said to me “Black women will do anything for people they love but not for themselves; ‘some other time never comes’ “. My book follows this woman ( and 4 others ) on her journey to wellness using Homeopathic and Botanical medicine, Clinical Nutrition, and stress reduction techniques. Information about naturopathic medicine generally,  and each of these treatment modalities are also part of the book.

Are you a Superwoman ?  Look for a series of questions over the weeks to come that may make you aware of whether or not you are a Superwoman.

Be well. Have peace.

Andrea D Sullivan, PhD , ND

Aetna health Insurance Company Follow Up

Hi Everybody:

Until today I have been waiting patiently for a response regarding my inquiry of Aetna’s willingness to reimburse for your visits to my office.

I sent Mr Cherniak ( Director of Communications )  another email letting him know I had not yet heard from Bob Smart, VP of Network Development. Mr. Cherniak wrote back and said he had just heard from him today and would be reaching out to me “soon”.

I will keep you posted. Be well. Have peace.

Andrea D Sullivan, PhD, ND

Update on Aetna Health Insurance Coverage

As I wrote earlier, because I am  featured  in Aetna’s  2013 African American History calendar for Complementary Medicine for the month of November, I thought it only fitting to ask Aetna to reimburse for patient visits.

To date I have spoken with Dr. Andrew Baskin, National Medical Director, who essentially said what I have said all along, the people have to begin to request the coverage. Before I direct patients to call and email Dr. Baskin, I was encouraged by the Director of Communications, to have a conversation with Dr. Robert McDonough, Head of Clinical Policy, Research and Development. The Director forwarded an email from me to Dr. McDonough last week. I am waiting to hear from him.

I am committed to doing whatever I need to do to have patient reimbursement through Aetna Health Insurance Company. Stay tuned !

Andrea D Sullivan, PhD, ND

Bacteria/ Viruses and sugar

To answer “DW”‘s question, sugar suppresses the immune system. Bacteria and viruses are engulfed and destroyed by the part of the immune system called neutrophils, white blood cells. The consumption of sugar ( even 3 ounces )  slows down the function of the white blood cells for over 5 hours, giving the bacteria or virus time to replicate, creating more problems and symptoms.

Andrea D Sullivan PhD, ND

Miami for Aetna AA Calendar Reception

Hello All- I am at the Aetna African American history calendar reception in Miami Feb 21 st, with Floyd Green, corporate VP for community relations and urban markets and Peggy Garrity, project manager. More about event and what you can do to assist in getting Aetna to cover your visits, later !!!

Dr. Andrea Sullivan PhD ND